Adopt-a-Student Program

The 2018 BC Tourism Industry Conference is offering an Adopt-A-Student Program with the goals of:

  • Ensuring more BC tourism students attend the conference
  • Ensuring these scholars begin their professional networking as early as possible
  • Assisting in connecting BC tourism students with prospective employers
  • Ensuring that the tourism students of today are prepared to assume the leadership positions within our industry in the future
  • Building career-long attendees of the conference

TIABC is seeking businesses, associations or organizations who wish to sponsor a BC tourism student to attend the conference. Sponsorship will cover the cost of the registration, but not accommodation or travel to/from the event.

To learn more download the Adopt-a-Student Backgrounder.

If you are interested in sponsoring a student, please let us know at

Students interested in learning more about sponsorship please email